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Planet Clean Recycle Industries Corp.

Seek to innovate plastics recycling

to increase the sustainability of our plant: its oceans and seas, the land and the soil, and most importantly, its future.

PCRI’s mission is to consistently provide customers with the highest quality plastic materials at reasonable prices, and assurance of on-time deliveries for companies committed to sustainability,


Contextual research for clean air

Ocean air helps clean air pollution, Israeli research finds

According to new research from the Atmospheric Sciences School at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, ocean’s salty spray can aid the elimination of certain pollutants in the air above the sea.

“We can imitate artificially over land what nature does over the ocean, by cloud-seeding with salt spray,” researcher Daniel Rosenfeld, a cloud physicist at Hebrew University of Jerusalem, told United Press International. “We have started such an experiment in Israel for the purpose of rain enhancement, with preliminary encouraging results.”

Hybrid Freight and Production Ship

Saving time and making money: Plastics processed in transit

Our plan is to acquire ships and process the plastics at sea while sailing to the Middle East or Africa or Asia in the midst of delivering the finished product to its destination.

This will not only save time while on voyage but save costs by maximising labor, eliminating costs and thereby increasing profit margins.

Financial Projections - Ship

Key assumptions:

How it works

Planet Clean Recycling is leading the next global revolution of plastic processing and material-based resourcing.

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Plastics by the numbers

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Of all plastic produced, 40% is used once, and then discarded.

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About 8% of the world’s oil production is used to make new plastic.
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About half of the world’s plastic is made in Asia.
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Americans recycle less than 10% of their plastic trash on average.