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PCRI Announcement: Plastic World Recycling Inc Joint Venture

Planet Clean Recycle Industries Corp (Canada) “PCRI” is pleased to announce a joint venture with “Plastic World Recycling Inc”, “PWR” 700 Lehigh Street, Palmerton, PA 18071, USA.

This will give “PCRI” a foothold in the USA Plastic Recycling markets and full access to USA markets and opportunities. “PWR” is in the Plastic Recycling business for more than 15 years and has established clients and suppliers in the USA. This gives “PCRI” a jump start in the USA markets.

“This is a great day for us and a great accomplishment to enter the USA markets. We are very excited with this new opportunity”, said Eduard Will marketing consultant at “PCRI”.

“We welcome with open arms “PCRI” and the opportunity to work alongside with us in the USA. We are excited with this new business opportunity as the Plastic Recycling business is in its boom”, said Alex Ziabari, CEO of “PWR”.

In 2018, China banned most plastics headed for its recycling processors, shutting down the U.S.’s largest recycling export market. This has resulted in plastic garbage piling up across the USA with no end in sight. “PCRI” intends to use the experience and facilities of “PWR” to process recycle plastics for export and sale in the United States Planet Clean Recycle Industries Corp (Canada) is looking to raise USD 50,000,000 in order upgrade the factory in the USA, need for working capital, purchase of raw materials, purchase of new plastic recycling machines, purchase of transport vehicles and equipment.

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